Bespoke Software

Accelerate software projects with full-time, dedicated development teams
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What is Bespoke Software?

The solution tailored to your needs

Bespoke software – also called custom software or tailored software – is a software solution created specifically for a user.

These software solutions are made and tailored entirely to your exact specifications.

A bespoke software solution is designed to your precise needs and as such will meet all of your business requirements.

These bespoke solutions can even be developed to fit into your current ways of working, so you needn’t change how you work in order to employ the system.

As the solution is tailored to your individual business and you own the source code, the solution can be easily integrated with other bespoke or packaged software, used to replace a legacy system, and can be updated and expanded in the future.

Why Bespoke Software?

Some advantages of developing your own solution
Unique, individual solution
Development time and pace
Return on investment
Competitive advantage
Better security
Saves Time
Better updates and support
Gradual production and upgrades
Better usability
Higher efficiency
Independence & complete control
Greater flexibility
Only pay for what you get
No compatibility or integration issues
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ByTop for Bespoke Software

Your partner in software development

With a team of software developers and an offshore software factory in Argentina, ByTop can develop bespoke software solutions at a competitive cost.

Depending on the client’s requirements we can structure a team with onshore resources for management and business analysis and offshore resources at our facility in Argentina in order to deliver a fully functioning solution at a reasonable cost.

Contact us if you want to discuss your needs