CTO as a service
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What is a CTO

CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer

A technical leader is fundamental for any organisation. In startups at the initial stage, a founder or some technically savvy employee might be enough to lead the software development team and make technology-related decisions.

However, as the organisation grows and becomes more complex it requires a technically sound individual who can spearhead the projects and take managerial decisions to achieve organizational goals. This individual is the CTO or Chief Technology Officer. An experienced CTO can be very expensive particularly for a small company with tight budgets.

The Problem

As an entrepreneur or CEO of a small company, have you ever faced these questions?
I have this great idea for an app, but how do I implement it?
I’ve developed our first app with a low budget, but now I realise the design won’t support our growth!
I need to meet investors, assess technical solutions and partners, develop technical roadmaps and code but I have no idea how to do this - I need someone with technical leadership.
I am budget constrained and can’t afford a full time CTO. I want flexibility and the possibility of paying what I use.
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The Solution

A Virtual CTO

It is not always possible to have a cofounder who is tech-savvy. Also, a full-time CTO is quite costly and budgets might be limited. With limited personnel who cover different roles and limited funding some companies choose to hire a virtual CTO.

CaaS stands for CTO as a service. A part-time CTO who provides the assistance of a technical consultant who focuses on technology driven challenges and defines the vision roadmap and timelines in line with the business objectives.

Contributes to the company business plan by estimating costs and timelines for all the IT aspects.
Helps define the required teams between outsourcing, offshoring and in-house teams.
Provides advice on any technology related issues.
Establishes quality standards for software architecture, coding and documentation requirements.
Ensures your business is able to grow with the defined platform and can deal with investors reviews
Provides technological recommendations for existing software in the company

Benefits of ByTop CaaS

Our experienced virtual CTOs can really help your company, particularly in the early stages of the business

CaaS delivers the value of a CTO but eliminates the cost incurred by hiring a permanent CTO. CaaS will also help you address the technology-related issues faced by your company.

ByTop’s virtual CTOs have years of experience working in different industries and are up to date with the latest technology trends.

Using ByTop virtual CTOs will give you the following benefits:

Business performance growth
Delivers immediate value through experience at lower cost
Delivers leadership and talent development plan
Reduced operational risks and improved risk mitigation strategy
Checks industry market trends and transforms the business
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